Съвместна дейност / наем /

Съвместна дейност / наем /


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Entertainment facilities are something that every hotel can do without, but having them in the right place leads, on the one hand, to even better satisfaction of the "claims" of customers (increases the quality of the overall service), and on the other hand, keeps customers in the object (creates a prerequisite for increasing the turnover of the nearby bar or restaurant) and is another source of income (from empty places in the hotel, without additional investments). All activities related to the delivery, installation and maintenance of the facilities are carried out by us. For your part, we will rely on the sale of tokens that run the equipment.

If you wish to receive additional information, please usе the Contact Form  or telephone numbers bellow:

00359 2 955 90 55


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Съвместна дейност / наем /

Съвместна дейност / наем /

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